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Sunday, October 21, 2012

How do you translate either/or and neither/nor statements?

either... or swa ... swa/onswa/oubyen, onswa ...onswa/oubyen, oubyen... oubyen

1. When you get to the party tonight, don't have any beer. You will either drink water or coffee.
     Lè'w rive nan fèt la aswè a, pa pran okenn byè.  Ou va onswa bwè dlo oubyen kafe.

2. You don't have a choice, either you come with me or you stay home.
     Ou pa gen lechwa, onswa ou vin avè'm onswa ou rete lakay

3. I believe either the boy or his father was admitted to the hospital.
    Mwen kwè swa ti gason an oubyen papa'l te entène lopital.

neither.. norni ... ni (used with the negative PA)
4. At church today, neither the pastor nor his wife showed up.
    Nan legliz la jodia, ni pastè a ni madanm li pa't vini.

5. Joe and Zette are two peas in a pod.  I don't trust either of them. (I don't trust neither one nor the other)
    Joe ak Zette se menm moun yo.  Mwen pa fye ni youn ni lòt.

6.  I have decided to leave.  Neither you nor my mom can make change my mind.
     Mwen te deside pou'm kite.  Ni ou ni manman'm pa ka fè'm chanje lide'm.

neithernonpli, nonplis, nonplis tou, nonplistou

7. She doesn't trust me.  I don't trust her either.
    Li pa fè'm konfyans.  Mwen pa fè'l konfyans nonplis.

8. We're going to Haiti next month.  I don't speak Creole, and neither does my husband.
     Nou prale Ayiti mwa pwochen.  M pa pale Kreyòl, e mari'm nonplis.

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