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Sunday, October 7, 2012

i will be going to haiti for a missions trip, what are some useful phrases such as 'Jesus has a plan for you' 'Jesus died for you'?

Jezi renmen w. 
Jesus loves you.

Jezi gen yon plan pou ou.
Jesus has a plan for you.

Jezi te mouri pou ou. 
Jesus died for you.

Jezi se repons lan. 
Jesus is the answer.

Jezi se Pitit Bondye. 
Jesus is the Son of God.

Jezi p'ap janm abandone w. 
Jesus will never forsake you.

San Jezi netwaye tout peche nou. 
The blood of Jesus cleanses all of our sins

Jezi se yon zanmi nan tout tan. 
Jesus is a friend in all times.

Pa gen pi gran lanmou pase lanmou Jezi. 
There's no greater love than the love of Jesus

Ouvè pòt kè'w pou Jezi antre. 
Open the doors of your heart and let Jesus come in

Yon lavi nan Jezi se yon lavi san enkyetid. 
A life in Jesus is a life without worries.
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