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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Is it proper to call someone "anraje"? What is the meaning exactly? Is the same as "crazy"?

A. Si yon moun anraje, ou di l'anraje.  Ou rele l sa li ye a.

B. To call someone "yon anraje", you're probably using it as a noun.  Is that right?
anraje (n.)a nut case,  a lunatic, a person who acts crazy and/or foolish
1. Ou se yon anraje monchè!
    You're a nut case man!

Or using it as an attribute
2. Ou anraje monchè!
    You're crazy man!

C. anraje, mande anraje, or fin anraje v. (also debòde or dechennen) → to become furious, to go bonkers, to lose it, to hit the roof
3. Lè li te aprann ke bank lan pa t'ap ranbouse li lajan an, li te mande anraje.

    When he learned that the bank wouldn't give him a refund, he became furious.   

4.  Madanm nan te fin anraje lè li te aprann yo te bay pitit li a yon move medikaman nan lopital la.
     The woman was very furious when she learned that they had given the wrong medication to her child at the hospital.

D. anraje can also mean to run rampant, to ravage, to be out of control
5. Grangou ak lanmizè fin anraje nan peyi a.
    Hunger and suffering are ravaging the country.

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