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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Is "Pinga n janm bliye sa" the same as "Pa janm bliye sa". I am thinking that "pinga janm" and "pa janm" are both negatives. Se pousa yo se menm bagay?

Wi, toulede vle di menm bagay la..
Pa bliye genyen yon pwonon nan premye fraz la ki endike ke y'ap adrese plizyè moun.
Dezyèm fraz la pa gen pwonon an. Li kapab adrese yon sèl oubyen plizyè moun.
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  1. Hi! I am hungry to learn Creole and you have one of the best resources on the web! I check it often to get new words and phrases. It would be great if you could always include an English translation even if the commenter doesn't ask for one (this post is an example). I would love to know what the English translation "Pinga n janm bliye sa" means.
    But to Sweet Coconuts I say, "Kontinye fe sa w'ap fe a" (you helped me with that one a few posts back).
    Mesi, as always

    1. Dakò, mèsi anpil.

      Pinga n janm bliye sa.
      Pinga nou janm bliye sa.
      Don't you ever forget this.

      Pa janm bliye sa.
      Never forget this.