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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Si ou ka tradwi: Kò imen: esplike fenomèn kwasans lakay moun. Human body: explain the phenomenon of human growth? What is "lakay" doing there?

Kò imen (from French corps humain)human body
In Creole sometimes, you will also see imèn which also comes from the French humaine which itself is the feminine of French word humain.

lakay, in Creole, does not only mean house or home; it also means deep within ourselves or within

You will hear Creole speakers say:
Li gen yon gwo defo lakay li.
He has a big fault/vice in him.

You will often hear preachers say:
Fòk nou retire vye abitid sa yo lakay nou.
You must remove these bad habits from within yourselves.

Or you might hear:
Ou gen twòp rankin lakay ou.
You have too much resentment within yourself.
You are very resentful.

kwasans lakay moun
maturation within people.
growth within the human body.

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