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Saturday, October 27, 2012

What does 'nan kad' and 'an palan de' mean and how would you use them in a sentence?

Keep in mind that kad,  from French cadre,  means frame, enclosure, border

nan kad → in the category of, in association with, in the inner circle, about, in the subject of
mete nan kad → to classify, to categorize

1. Ou mete'm nan kad moun ki pa serye.
     You put me in the circle of people who are not serious.
     You associate me with people that are unreliable.

2. Mwen poko gen yon repons sou kesyon nan kad zafè finans lan.
     I don't yet have an answer for the questions regarding finances.

3.  Ou pa nan kad moun sa yo.  Ou pi bon pase sa.
     You are not in the category of these people. ...
     Yon don't belong with these people.  You're better than that.

an palan de (anpalan de) → speaking of, speaking of which, concerning, by the way

4. Anpalan de Jackie, eske w te wè li?
    Speaking of Jackie, have you seen her?

5. Anpalan de lajan, eske w ka di m kilè m'ap touche?
    Speaking of money, can you tell me when I'll get paid?

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