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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What is Sa k te fe mean? I'm trying not to translate word for word, but I always have trouble with these. To me, it says that had happened, or it had happened. Is this correct?

You almost got it.... :)
Usually when you see the "SA" used like that in an interrogative sentence, chances are it is a contracted form of  H.Creole interrogative pronoun KISA (what).

Just like these examples:
Sa k pase?
Which is contracted from
Kisa ki pase?
What's happening?

another example:
Sa w vle?
Which is contracted from:
Kisa ou vle?
What do you want?

One more example:
Sa sa ye?
which is contracted from:
Kisa sa ye?
What this is? (literally)
What is this?

Sa k te fèt?
is contracted from
Kisa ki te fèt?
What had happened?
What happened?

or, if not used in question form, may be translated as that which (what):

Sa k te fèt lopital la se te yon mirak.
Sa ki te fèt lopital la se te yon mirak.
That which happened at the hospital was a miracle.
What happened at the hospital was a miracle.

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