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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Did you ever visit Hotel Oloffson?

No, I have not stayed in that hotel.
Has anyone out there stayed at the Oloffson Hotel in PAP, Haiti?  If yes, please give us some info on how you reserved your room (by phone or by e-mail?), how was your stay there?, and how's the service?  Thanks.
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  1. What do you think about part of kapital la where this hotel is situated? Pacot, Tijo, Sen Gera, Babiole, Bwa Verna used to be lush, verdant, stylish, old styled and charming parts of haitian capital. I am curious what has left of all this nowadays, due to spreading of bidonviles...

    1. Those areas, like much of Port-Au-Prince, need an upgrade. They need to rid these areas of the congestion that these bidonvilles have caused. I think the worst looking parts of PAP which need an urgent "uplift" is the airport area which is to me the "doorstep" of Port-Au-Prince. Talk about first impression when a foreigner steps off that airplane...! You're greeted with a throng of people, commotion, and some confusing traffic in the area where friends and families pick up travelers.
      I think a dedicated area for marked taxicabs and drivers picking up travelers would be helpful.
      That would reduce the number of people who have to park their cars (god knows where!) and walk to the arrival area to wait and pick up travelers.

      I see that they've done awesome work inside the airport, now if only they would extend that work to at least three to four block radius within the airport area.

  2. Imagine Potopprens from first half of 20th century, Potoprens of Jak Woumen, without slums, with elegant gingerbread houses, Potoprens depicted in Langston Hughes book...

    1. Yeah... a distant dream....
      I believe PAP will be beautiful again. Haiti IS moving forward and the DUVALIER generation is dying off. I have faith in the young men and women of Haiti who are not close-minded, and who believe that progress in technology, education of every Haitian, and beautification of Haiti will put the country back into the positive light where the name "Perles des Antille" will be evident.