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Friday, November 16, 2012

Do you miss me? / Did you miss me? (Creole)

Do you miss me?
Eske w sonje m?

Did you miss me?
Eske ou te sonje m.

Ou pa't menm sonje'm.
You didn't even miss me.

I miss home.
Mwen sonje lakay.

My family misses me.
Fanmi m sonje m.

She missed the flight.
Li te rate vòl la.

You miss the whole point.
Ou mal konprann bagay la.

She missed her period.  Maybe she's pregnant.
Li pa't wè règ li.  Petèt li ansent.
Règ li pa vini.  Petèt li ansent.

Did you miss your period last month?
Eske règ ou te vini mwa pase?
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