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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eske ou kapab di mwen kouman woch cho ede moun ki pipi nan kabann? Eske woch la mete anba kabann nan?

Premyèman se pa yon wòch cho senpleman yo itlize, men se yon wòch dife ki konn kuit manje.
Dezyèmman, se pa tout moun ki dòmi sou kabann Ayiti.  Si nou t'ap konte sou mete wòch anba kabann, se pa tout moun ki ta ka fè sa.  Anpil moun dòmi atè sou nat.  Mwen pa konnen kijan yon moun ta ka dòmi sou yon nat ki gen yon gwo wòch dife anba li.
Twazyèmman yo pa mete wòch dife a anba kabann nan, men yo fè pisannit la pipi sou li.  Gen moun ki di fòk wòch la tou cho pou pipi sou li, gen lòt ki di ou gen dwa pise sou wòch la ke l te cho ke l te frèt.
Finalman, mwen tande pale de tretman sa depi m te piti, e mwen pa konnen poukisa Ayisyen panse wòch dife kapab ede yon moun sispann pise nan kabann.

You've asked this question in Creole, but I'm not sure if you wanted a Creole or English answer.
Here's the answer in English in case you did not totally understand the above note:

First of all it's not simply a hot rock that they use, but a fire rock which has been used for cooking or burning.
Second, not everyone has a bed in Haiti.  If we were relying on putting the rock under the bed, not everyone could do this. Some people sleep on mats.  I don't know how anyone could sleep on a mat with a fire rock under it.
Third, they do not place the rock under the bed.  But instead, they have the bed wetter pee on the rock. Some people say that the fire rock must be hot in order for the treatment to work, and others say it doesn't need to be hot.
Lastly, I have heard of this bedwetting treatment since I was a child, and I do not know why Haitians think that a fire rock is a good treatment for bedwetting.
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