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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Has Haiti ever had trains?

Yes, it did.  You may still see the evidence on Route National #1 (some abandoned tracks which may have been removed by now).  But there are no functioning railroads in Haiti at the present time.
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  1. How long ago was this

    1. I have not done any research on this. But My parents always talked about "chemin de fer" which used to be (or which was supposed to be) a railroad used for transportation of sugar cane from many areas of the country to the Dominican Republic.
      They stopped running those trains before Papa Doc time. I HAVE seen part of these railroads in Haiti as recently as 15 years ago on the route that leads from Carrefour to downtown Port-au-Prince. On my last trip to Haiti, I didn't look for them. I am not sure if they removed them.

      If you do travel to Haiti, you might ask anyone familiar with the city of PAP (a tap-tap or taxi cab driver perhaps) to show you 'ansyen ray tren yo→the old railroads.

    2. I used ti live in Route Natuonale # 1 and I still remember when I was little around mid-90's they used to have a few for sugar cane; I believe they ended around that time

    3. Mèsi.
      Railroads in Haiti would have provided great means of transportation to places around Haiti and the Dominican republic. It would have been great for commerce between the two countries. Kòm toujou, gouvènman Ayiti a kraze tout sa ki ta bon pou pèp la.

      Mèsi zanmi.