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Thursday, November 8, 2012

How do I ask a student (in high school) what year or grade he is in?

What grade are you in?
Nan ki klas ou ye? 
Ki klas w'ap fè?

Eske ou nan lekòl primè?
Are you in elementary school?

Eske ou nan lekòl segondè?
Are you in secondary/high school?

By the way, schooling in Haiti may start with the kindergarden years which lasts about three years (if the parent chooses to start the child that early).  The child may start at the age of three:
preskolè I
preskolè II
preskolè III
This lasts three years

Then the student will go to primary (or elementary) school.  He/She will need to complete:
1st and 2nd year of fundamental studies (previously called preparatwa I and II)
3rd and 4th year of fundamental studies (previously called elemantè I and II)
5th and 6th year of fundamental studies (previously called Mwayen I and II)
This should last six years

Then the student moves to lekòl segondè (secondary school / high school).  He/She will need to complete:
7th year of fundamental studies (peviously called 6èm)
8th year of fundamental studies (peviously called 5èm)
9th year of fundamental studies (peviously called 4èm)
This should last seven years

At the end of the year in Philo the student will take a national exam, if successful in the exam, he/she will have a certificate (bakaloreya) equivalent to that of a high school degree.

Upon receipt if the bakaloreya the student will then choose to go to a inivèsite or fakilte to learn a career.  The state universities tuition is free and extremely competitive as a result.  There are about 8 or 9 fakilte in Haiti.

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  1. High school in Haiti is officially sarts after 4eme secondaire thats why the children must have a board of education exam once they reach 4eme.9th grade would be 4eme secondaire 10th would be 3eme secondaire 11th grade would be 2nd and 12th grade would be rhetho. Haitian school is different from American where we have one more year before college which is philo which some people considered also as 12th grade

    1. Yes. You are right. Schools in Haiti and school in the US cannot be compared like apples to apples.

    2. yes schools in Haiti are more base like French schools; although you will find couple of private American base schools

    3. Good morning Rachelle. I did get a question about American-based school in Haiti... How good are they in comparison to High schools in the USA? Someone had specific question about the average of their monthly tuition. Do you have any idea on that? And is there any schools that you can recommend? thanks for your input.

    4. Good Morning Mandaly. I left Haiti 10 years ago; so i'm not sure how schooling is right now. I know for a fact that Quisqueya Christian School and Union school were the top American based school in Port au Prince when I was in Haiti.

      for the fee it can varies from 125 to 400 US dollar/month.

      here some schools and their websites that I found.

      Quisqueya Christian school :

      Union school :

      New American school :

      Haitian Academy:

      morning star Christian academy:

      you can see the curriculums and make the comparisons

      hope this will help you