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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

'kraze'. What other meanings does it have other than 'to break, defeat, destroy'? Seems I've heard it used in other contexts. Mesi anko!

It could mean to chew up food.
Kraze manje a byen anvan ou vale.
Chew the food properly before you swallow.

It could mean bits and pieces, debris, scrap
Ranmase tout kraze yo atè a.
Pick up all the debris from the floor.

It could also mean small change (money)
M'achte machin nan pou yon ti kraze lajan.
I bought the car for small change.
The car didn't cost much

also Kraze can mean sore (as in body soreness)
Kò'm kraze nèt afòs mwen mache.
My body is sore from walking so much

Mwen santi yon kò kraze.
I feel sore

And there are some Creole expressions with kraze
some examples:
kraze brize → to ravage, to vandalize, to put into ruins
Moun sa yo se kraze brize y'ap fè nan peyi a.
These people re putting the country into ruins

kraze rak → to run away, to flee
Lï misye wè lapolis yo, li te kraze rak.
When he saw the police, he ran away.

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  1. There's another meaning I heard . " ou pral kraze yon zon. Which can be used to express how well dressed you are when you are about to go out somewhere and how you will impress everyone

    1. you are welcome !!! I actually like your blog. I was looking for something then I found it; good job

    2. I love that blog too.