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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sweet Coconuts, Love your site! Can you explain the use of "Pa Ki" ? Pa Egzanmp - Pa ki mwayen w'al travay? Thank you, Studying in Haiti

Mèsi zanmi :)
Gwo kout chapo pou ou!

Pa ki → by which, through which, by what, via which, how

Pa ki mwayen w'al travay?
By what means do you go to work (litearally)
How do you go to work?

An answer to this question would be.

M'al travay pa tren.
I go to work by train.

other similar questions:

Pa ki moun w'ap voye malèt pou mwen?
With whom will you send me the suitcase? 
By what means will you send me the suitcase?

other examples:

Ou si tèlman gen move nòt, mwen pa wè pa ki mwayen w'ap pase klas la.
You have so many bad grades, I do not see how you will pass this class.

Papa ti fi a si tèlman tyak, mwen konnen pa ki mwayen mwen pral mande'l soti.
The girl's father is so strict, I do not how I'm going to ask her out.

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