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Friday, November 30, 2012

What does "ki te" mean in Creole?

ki → relative pronoun that, who, which...
te → past tense indicator
ki te (two words?) (part of a sentence?) who was, which were, that was, etc...

1. Mesye ki te chita la se papa'm.
    The man who was sitting here is my father.

2. Sa se pa kamera ki te nan katalòg la.  Ou te vann mwen move kamera a.
    This is not the camera that was in the catalog.  You sold me the wrong one.

Kite (one word) → leave, quit or separate (relationship)

3.  Magda ak Lionel pa rete ansanm ankò.  Yo kite.
    Magda and Lionel don't live together anymore.   The separated.

4. Mario te kite Evelyn paske yo pa ka antann yo.
    Mario left Evelyn because they can't see eye to eye.

5.  Ak kilè n'ap kite?
     What time are we leaving?

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