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Monday, November 26, 2012

what does "tank" mean in this sentence "Tout moun te rete bouch be tank yo sezi"

tank → so much, so
tank .... tank → the more .... the more

1. Tout moun te rete bouch be tank yo te sezi.
    Everyone remained speechless, due to the fact that they were in so much shock.

2. Li ta bay lavi l pou ti fi sa tank li renmen'l.
    He would lay down his life for this girl, due to the fact that he loves her so much.

3. Je l vin anfle anpil tank li kriye.
    His eyes became very swollen because he cried so much.

4. Tank m'ap pouse l tank li vle rete bò kote m.
    The more I push him the more he wants to stay close to me.

5. Tank li te pale tank tèt mari l  t'ap fè l plis mal.
    The more she talked the more her husband head was hurting.

6. Tank nou te mache tank pye n te fè nou mal.
    The more we walked the more our feet hurt.

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