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Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is the word kouwè in Creole?

kouwè (konwè) → similar to, as, as if, like, resemble v.

1. Se kouwè Franse yo di a: "C'est la vie."
    It's as the French people say: C'est la vie.

2. Anpil pastè legliz preche Levanjil la kouwè moun ki gen kont avè w.
    Many church pastors preach the Gospel like people who have conflict with you. (Literalman)
    Many church pastors preach the Gospel as if they were angry with you.

3.  Peyi a kouwè yonmoun malad ki pa kapab jwenn lagerizon.
     The country resembles a sick person which can't find healing.

4. Kouwè yon moun ki prèt pou mouri, li te konfese tout peche li yo.
    Like someone in the throes of death, he had confessed all his sins.
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