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Friday, December 28, 2012

Can "choset la" mean just one sock, or does it mean a pair? If it means a pair, then "yon choset" would be "a sock"? Pa vre? Mesi

I guess it can.
Usually Haitians say yon grenn chosèt when they want to say one sock.
Poukisa w'ap mache ak yon sèl grenn chosèt nan pye w?
Why are you walking around with just one sock?

The same thing goes for shoes - yon grenn soulye (one shoe)

by the same token, they don't need to say chosèt yo, to indicate that it's plural.  Socks and shoes come in "sets", no?
Kote chosèt ou?
Where are your socks?

Al met chosèt nan pye w.
Go put your socks on.

Lakay mwen se mozayik ki genyen, se sa'k fè m toujou gen chosèt nan pye'm.
I have tiles floor at my house, that's why I always have socks on.

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