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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Do you ever hear or read that Kreyol is really a non-language or a pidgin language? I am sick and tired of this claptrap. From where I am sitting, Kreyol is harder for me because of the Africanized word order of sentences. cont... If any language is a non-language, it would have to be english. It is one of the most horrible languages to express yourself in. english culture cannot stand side by side with any other culture without trying to dominate or destroy it.

Onè ak Respè pou lang Angle a!
Chapo ba pou lang Kreyòl la!
M panse tout lang merite respè.  Chak lang gen orijinalite pa yo.  Si'm vle yon moun respekte lang Kreyòl pa mwen, fò m kapab respekte lang pa yo.  Moun fè lanmou nan tout lang, ki pi gran prèv ak evidans egzistans yon lang ou ta bezwen ankò?!
Kreyòl pale, Keryòl konprann ...or can I say English spoken, English understood :)

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