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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ever see the film and/or read the book "The Serpant and the Rainbow?" Any comments?

Yeah, read the book after I saw the film... but that was so long ago :)
When I saw the film, I kinda wished that it was about a more positive aspect of Haiti.  In the neighborhood where I lived I was getting tired of foreigners thinking that any Haitians could cast a voodoo spell on them, skin a cat and eat it, or transform into a human vessel for the loa at the beat of any conga (flashback to my high school days...sigh).  Anyway... the movie was sensationalized ...understandably.

My thought is when the name Haiti comes up in conversation the things that come to the mind of someone unfamiliar with the country is poorest country in western hemisphere, political turmoil, instability, VOODOO, crudity...  But there are millions of other stories to tell about this beautiful country.  If one wants to know them, ask a tourist about the little things that surprise them about Haiti, and ask them why do they keep going back.

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1 comment:

  1. Men wi! My sentiments exactly. Before I ever traveled to Haiti, the only thing I knew about it was Voodoo and what I saw in that movie. Now when I am there I wonder where that 'place' is.

    Ayiti se yon bel peyi ak anpil bon moun.