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Sunday, December 23, 2012

I attended a well inauguration ceremony in the central plateau and the group sang a song that had words like: Ka se ka se ka se mai ka se ma i ya jan m' vle. Something about corn and something about "we want it". I'm looking for the lyrics. Ideas?

Sounds like a vodou, angaje, or konbit song.
There are a couple of books on which might have this song.  You will be able to search the words to this song without buying the book.
Click on the book on the website, search the key words KASE MAYI and you might have some of these books come up. Click on one of these books, click on the SEARCH INSIDE arrow and you can type in some of the words in the search box and you'll see a whole list of songs with the words "KASE MAYI".
My friends tell me that you might have better luck searching for the conga rhythm Kase (on MP3s) , or the type of dance called kase.
There's also the cd Rhythms of rapture It has a "Mayi" rhythm.
I'll keep my ears and eyes open :)

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