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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I have searched the 'from' posts but am still unsure how to say 'from me to you'. Is it something like 'nan men mwen a ou memn' That just doesn't sound right. Mesi.

Ah! This language is an art.  You can mix it with French and it'll sound beautiful, or you can use crude Creole and it'll sound poetic.
To your "Nan men mwen a ou menm" translation, I would say "Kreyòl pale, Kreyòl konprann".

From me to you.
De mwen menm a ou menm

This is from me
Sa se mwen k ba ou l.

Here's what I got for you.
Men sa m pote pou ou.

For you
Pou ou

A little gift for you
Yon ti kado pou ou

This is for you
Sa se pou ou.

This is my gift to you.
Sa se kado mwen ba ou.
some people may say:
Sa se kado pa'm pou ou.

Two words I wouldn't recommend you use on a gift card/gift to translate the words from me to you are soti or depi
See how they can be used in other circumstances:

From Pòtoprens to Okap
Soti Pòtoprens al Okap

They were open from nine to five
Yo te ouvè depi nevè jiska senkè

We walked from New York to New Jersey
Nou te mache depi New York rive New Jersey

link to other ways to say from: from (depi, soti, nan men, avèk)

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