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Thursday, December 6, 2012

In Louisiana, we have both vodou and hoodoo within the Creole culture. I have noticed you touching on this subject somewhat. I never hear about hoodoo from Ayiti. Is it practiced there? I know if we in Louisiana have it, we got it from youAlso, is there a word for hoodoo in HC? Because voodoo should be vodou; I believe that maybe hoodoo is a corrupted form of the word probably from english. mesi.

The religious practices of Haitian vodou is different from Louisiana's hoodoo and/or voodoo.
Haitian vodou is a religion, a way of life, a platform of communications with many engaging and distinct spirits for the believer. For many believers, this religion is about expression, escape and freedom.  It's not mainly about spells and magic. Hoodoo is not of Haitian origin.

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