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Monday, December 17, 2012

is there health care in haiti

If you mean health care (as in health management facilities), yes of course there is! Haiti is not that far in the ziltik!
If you mean health insurance (from your other question from couple days ago), yes there's that too.  Some health insurances are privately managed, some are offered through employment, different employers might offer different types of health insurances, and government officials may have a better plan than the regular workers.
Do workers in factories have health insurance there?  I do not know...
If they do have insurance, are they eligible to you receive care abroad (like in the USA) with that insurance? Well, in almost all cases that I know about, the patient had to come up with a large amount of cash before receiving care abroad.
Some years ago, in a case of emergency, someone was airlifted from Haiti to a hospital in Miami, and the family had to come up with close to $18,000 to pay the medical flight in addition to the hospital fee.  And all these fee have to be paid upfront.
So maybe you should be thinking about some type of an international medical insurance, and make sure you get the coverage that you need.

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