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Saturday, December 29, 2012

reyalite lavi a chita ayiti

Se sa yo di.
Sanble tout reyalite lavi sa a chita nan tout kote ki gen tèt chaje ak soufrans.

Kote ki gen bonè, jwisans, ak kè kontan, tout moun panse se nan rèv yo ye. ...Yon rèv ki dous kote ou bliye tout reyalite.

Men kou maladi tonbe, grangou nan vant, malè pase, tèt chaje mete pye, lanmò ateri, rayisman di "Men mwen!"; tout moun pran reflechi sou lavi a.  Se lè sa a yo koumanse di "lavi a dwòl", "lavi a pa jis", "lavi a kout", etc...
Li ta sanble ke soufrans, traka, ak tèt chaje se reyalite lavi a....  E, piske peyi Ayiti se peyi kote ou jwenn peripesi sa yo agogo, anpil moun konvenk ke reyalite lavi a chita Ayiti.

Men, nou byen konnen ke kote ki gen soufrans, gen tèt ansanm.  Kote ki gen malè, gen anpil kouraj.  Kote ki gen tèt chaje, gen detèminasyon. E kote ki gen grangou, gen lespwa.  E se tout fòs pozitif sa yo ki defini reyalite lavi nan peyi Ayiti.

Chapo byen ba!

That's what they say.

It seems that the realities of this life is seated in places that are afflicted with lots of troubles and suffering.

Where there's happiness, bliss, and cheerfulness, people think they're in a dream... a sweet dreams where all realities are forgotten.

But when disease befalls us, our stomach is starving , misfortune steps in , trouble ensues, death is at our door, and hatred says, "Here I am!"; everyone starts to reflect on life.  That's when they start to say "Life is unpredictable", "Life is not fair", "Life is short".

It would seem that suffering, misery, and troubles are the realities of life.... And since Haiti is a place where adversity abounds, many people are convinced that the realities of life dwell in Haiti

But, we know very well that where there's suffering there's togetherness.  Where there's misfortune, there's courage.  Where there's troubles, there's determination.  And where there's hunger, there's hope.  And it is these positive forces that define the realities of life in Haiti

Hats real low

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