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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

what does vremanvre mean in creole?

Vreman vre → for real, really, undeniably, honestly, absolutely

1. Lè m te wè se vrèman vre li t'ap kriye, mwen te sispann pase l nan betiz.
    When I saw it's truly true she was crying, I stopped making fun of her.
    When I saw that she was crying for real, I stopped making fun of her.

2. Si vreman vre ou vle vin yon komedyen, nanpwen anyen ki ka rete w.
    If you honestly want to become a comedian, nothing can stop you.

Sometimes you'll find vreman vre at the beginning of a sentence,  and it might translate the expression truth be told
3. Vrèman vre, lè'm rive lakay mwen lapolis te la ap tann mwen.
    Truth be told, when I got home the police was there waiting for me.

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