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Friday, January 4, 2013

"genyen rekonesans" nan Angle?

Genyen rekonesans → to be grateful towards

1.  Mwen genyen w rekonesans.
     I am grateful towards you. (is it towards?)

2. Nou genyen tout fanmi ou rekonesans pou sa w fè pou nou.
    We are grateful towards your whole family for what you've done for us.

3.  Nou dwe gen paran nou rekonesans pou bon levasyon yo te ban nou.
     You must be grateful towards your parents for our exceptional upbringing.

4. Si se pa't manm legliz yo, mwen pa t'ap la a.  Se pousa mwen genyen yo anpil rekonesans.
    If it weren't for the members of the church I wouldn't be here.  That's why I am very grateful towards them.

5.  Jezi ban nou lavi, men nou pa genyen l rekonesans.
     Jesus gave us life, but you are not grateful towards him.

6. Pou sa m fè pou ou, pou w pa genyen m rekonesans.
    For all that I've done for you, and you don't show me any gratitude.

7.  Timoun, alèkile, pa gen paran yo rekonesans.
     Kids, these days, don't show their parents any gratitude.

8. Ala ou rekonesan!
    How grateful you are!
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