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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How is "let" used in the third person in creole? Are all these "lese", "fè", "ke"(que in French) correct?

Do you mean English's verb to let → kite, pèmèt, penmèt, lese ?

1. Let him in.
    Kite l antre.

2. He let her go.
    Li lese l ale.

3.  He let her walk all over him.
     Li kite l pran pye sou li.

I'm not sure where that Creole "ke" is coming from. Perhaps you meant the English auxillary verb "May" (as in when expressing a wish):

5. May God bless you
   Ke Bondye beni w.
   Se pou Bondye beni w

6. May he rest in peace
    Se pou li repoze anpè.

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  1. I mean "let" in the imperative. But, it is very good that you provided "let" with creole verb equivalents. All the more to learn about the haitian language.