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Saturday, January 12, 2013

In Haitian Creole whenever we use the word LAVEY, does it mean THE NIGHT BEFORE. If yes, how do you translate the first part in that sentence? "Lavey nan lasware, yo te gentan kite byen bone" mesi

Lavèy the day before, the night before

Lavèy, nan lasware...
The day prior, in the night....
I would translate this part as: The night before

Other examples with lavèy.
1. Malgre vòl li te nan demen byen ta nan lapremidi, li te gentan fè valiz li depi nan lavèy.
    Even though his flight was late in the afternoon on the next day, he had already packed his bag since the day prior.
2. Lè Ayisyen ap kuit pye bèf, yo koumanse bouyi l depi nan lavèy.  
    When Haitians are preparing cow's feet, they start to boil it the day before.

3. Lavèy Nwèl, mwen t'al nan yon reveyon. Mwen te manje vant deboutonnen.
    On Christmas Eve I went to a party.  I ate plenty of food.

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