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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Is is Ok to use "denojou"(french, De nos jours) alongside the others, "sejousi", "sètansi"? How would one say "in the olden days" with one word instead of a phrase like its opposite above? More Synonyms for both(if possible)?


these days 
kounye a 
kounye a la

In the olden days (not all the followings are one-word, but Haitians have a lot of  "expressions" for the olden days
lontan (long time ago)
otrefwa (a very long time ago)
tan dantan (good old days, olden days)
tan lontan (in the old days)
tan benmbo (a very very long time ago)
depi digdantan ( a very very long time ago)
tan prezidan bann machwè ( a very long time ago)
depi ti konkonm t'ap goumen ak berejèn ( a very distant past)

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  1. I loooooooooooooveeee your reponse. I loooooooove this website. I am sooo glaaad that I have stumbled on it. You give good detailed informations on different aspects of haitian creole grammar and provide many words on english equivalents.I am definitely telling other people about this website. I want to learn as much about the haitian language as I can.

    mèsi anpil

  2. Awesome! Thanks:)
    Pase bon jounen.

  3. Mwen vle ba w yon gran mèsi pou tout sa ou fè pou ede nou ka aprann lang Kreyòl. Mwen panse m kapab aprann anpil. M sèlman pè ou fatige pou travay twò di. Tanpri, kontinye. Mesi anpil pou tout. Lontan Francisco, kounye a, Franswa.