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Monday, January 14, 2013

what is manye, as in 'manye kite m trankil'

Manyè → at least, make an effort to, also means a little, somewhat, or more or less

1.  Manyè di'm sa'w genyen non!
     At least tell me what's wrong with you!
     Won't you at least tell me what's wrong!

2. Manyè kite m trankil.
    Won't you at least leave me alone.

3. Manyè chita non.
    Won't you at least sit down

4. Manyè souke kò w pou w al chache yon travay non.
    Won't you at least make an effort to go look for a job

5.  Manyè pran yon ti manje non.
     Won't you at least take some food.
     Eat a little.

6.  Mwen manyè fè yon ti miyò.
     I feel somewhat better.

7.  Apre m te rele leta pou vwazen m nan, li manyè kite m anrepo.
     After I called the police on my neighbors, he more or less left me alone.

8. Manyè di m sa m fè w non.
    Could you at least tell me what I did to you?

9.  Bandi yo fin detwi peyi a. Fòk nou manyè fè yon bagay pou n repran peyi a nan men yo.
     These criminals are destroying the country. We should at least do something so we can reclaim the country from them

10.  "Yon jou pou chasè yon jou pou jibye".  Nou pral manyè fè yo konnen sa n peze jodi a.
       "A day for the hunter, a day for the prey".  Today, we will at least let them know what we're made of
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