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Thursday, February 14, 2013

1)All the more? / 2)All the less? in Creole

all the more → plis, pi, pi plis, pi plis ankò, plis ankò, dotanplis, dotanpli
all the less → mwens, dotanmwens

1. She was all the more in love with him when she saw him play the guitar on stage.
    Li te pi renmen misye ankò, lè li te wè l ap jwe gita sou estrad la.

2. The gang's violent attacks in the streets gave her all the more a reason to leave the country.
    Atak vyolan bandi yo nan lari a te ba li plis rezon pou l te kite peyi a.

3. The earthquake of 2012 made Haiti all the less appealing to business investors who were already having second thoughts about their decision.
    Tranblemanntè 2012 la te rann Ayiti dotanmwens atiran pou biznismann ki te deja ap doute desizyon yo.

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