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Sunday, February 24, 2013

can you tell me if "Fe Fet" and "Fek Fet" are different expressions, could the first one have a typo where someone forgot to add the "k"?

fè fèt → to celebrate, to have a party, to rejoice

1.  Ann fè fèt!
     Let's celebrate!
     Let's rejoice!

2.  Limane te fè fèt lè pitit gason li te tounen lakay sennesof.
     Limane celebrated when her son came back home safe and sound.

fèk fèt → just happened, just occurred, just born

3. Yo te mennen yon ti bebe ki te fèk fèt nan sal dijans lan.  Li pa't kapab respire byen, men doktè yo te fè l miyò.
     They brought a newborn baby to the emergency room.  He had difficulty breathing, but the doctor made him better.

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