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Monday, February 4, 2013

Comparison of equality with adjectives and adverbs. "English is as easy as German." or "Jean is as rich as he is hard-working." or "Jean reads as slowly as Luc." or "Jeanne writes as carefully as she does efficiently."

Ah! this one, unlike the previous ones that we discussed, has a few different ways we can structure it in H. Creole.
After reading the comment in that post about an mezi mezi, this man wrote to me about what he said to his Haitian girlfriend today.  He said, "Plis ou pale, plis dan'm ap fè m mal.".  I thought that was clever.  ....but can a babbling girlfriend cause you to have a toothache?   Who knows :)

as ... as → menm jan ak, menm fason ak, men mannyè ak, tankou, kouwè, kòm, kon,  some people even say os ... ke,, otan... otan

1. "English is as easy as German."
    "Angle fasil tankou Alman."
    "Angle fasil kouwè Alman."   
    "Angle fasil otan ke Alman."

2. "Jean is as rich as he is hard-working."
    "Otan Jean travay di, se otan li gen lajan."

3.  "Jean reads as slowly as Luc."
     "Jean li dousman tankou Luc"

4. "Jeanne writes as carefully as she does efficiently."
    "Otan Jeanne ekri avèk atansyon se otan li ekri avèk talan."

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  1. Can 'menm sòt ak, menm mod ak, demenmke, ensike, osibyenke' be used as well in these constructions?

    What intensifiers are used in this one? "He's just as shy as you are!"

    1. Not in every circumstances. Some of these words are used as conjunctions.

      He's just as shy as you are.
      Li timid men jan avè w.

    2. I know which ones are used as conjunctions.

    3. Yes. Creole is so awesome and diverse, isn't it? Thanks for all your comments "KAL".