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Saturday, February 23, 2013

far away from ..... (in Creole?), How to say especially ...away from.

"... away from" does not have to be translated here
Far away from .... → lwen ...; some people say lwen avèk .... or lwen de .....

1. Pouki ou kanpe lwen m konsa?
    Why do you stay so far away from me?

2.  Poukisa ou sanble lwen konsa jodi a?
     Why do you seem so distant today?

3.  Mwen lwen lakay.
     I'm far away from home.

4. Ki kote Nouyòk ye?  Eske li lwen isit la?
    Where is New York?  Is it far from here?

5.  Lapolis te fè manifestan yo kanpe lwen baryè palè prezidansyèl la.
     The police had the protesters stand far away from the gate of the presidential palace.

6.  Chak kou mwen lwen w konsa, m santi m pa viv.
     Whenever I'm so far away from you I have a hard time.

7.  Tibebe pa ka sipòte rete lwen manman yo.
     Babies can't tolerate staying far from their mom.

8.  Fout mete w deyò!  Pati!  Ale lwen isit la!  Mwen pa vle wè menm lonbraj ou devan kay sa.
     Get the hell out!  Leave!  Go far away from here!  I don't even want to see your shadow passing by this house.

9.  M'atriste. M lwen lakay,  lwen fanmi m,  lwen menaj mwen,  lwen tout sa m renmen e ki renmen m.
    I'm sad.  I am far away from home, from my family, from my lover, far away from those I love and who loves me.

10.  Yon sèl bagay m'ap di w.  Rete lwen bonòm sa a tande!
       I'll telll you just one thing.  Stay away from this young guy, you hear!

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