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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How come ...?

How come ... → kouman fè, kijan fè, or kòman fè.... and sometimes we add

1. Kouman fè ou pa rele m ankò?
    How come you don't call me anymore?

2. Kijan fè ou malad si souvan?
    How come you get sick so often?

3. Kouman fè ou pale Kreyòl byen konsa?
    Hoe come you speak Creole so well?

4. Kouman fè pa gen lanèj Ayiti?
    How come there no snow in Haiti?

5. Kijan fè Ayiti poko fin rebati?
    How come Haiti has not been rebuilt yet?

This is different from:
Kouman ou fè ..... How do you make .....

6. Kouman ou fè tyanm tyanm?
   How do you make tyanm tyanm? 

7. Kijan n'ap fè pou soti la a?
    How will we get out of here?

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