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Friday, February 8, 2013

Intensifiers on ?s "What on earth do you mean?" or "How in creation do you expect me to do that?" or "Who in the world do you think you are?" or "Why on earth would she ask you to join them?" or "Where on earth could Casey have learned such behavior?"

Some intensifiers in H. Creole are: anpil anpil, menm, ojis, wi, non, trè trè, some double wording

1. What on earth do you mean?
     Kisa w vle di menm?

2. What in the world do you think you are?
     Kisa w panse ou ye menm?

3. Come quick.  This is extremely important.
    Vini vit.  Sa trè trè enpòtan.

4. I really did my homework.
    M te fè devwa mwen wi.

5.  I swear to you I did not see anything.
     Mwen sèmante, mwen pa't wè anyen non.

6. So, what exactly do you want from me?
    Kidonk, sa'w vle nan men m ojis?

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  1. Can 'donk' and 'dyab' be used as well? "Poukisa donk(dyab) ou pa te rele m?" or "ki kote m te mete kle m donk? I'm not sure if these intensifiers are in the right place. They translate respectively, "Why on earth didn't you call me?" and "Where in the world have I put my keys?"

    1. I think, yes, you can use donk.
      But as for "dyab" I haven't heard it.

      Kenbe fò zanmi.