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Friday, February 1, 2013

Is YES a H. Creole word. Do you use it to say "yes". and can I say YES instead of WI?

Yes, it's a Haitian Creole word.
You can use it as an adjective or adverb.
I think if you use it to say "yes" as in agreeing with someone, then we're speaking English :)

Yès (syn: kòdyòm, anfòm) totally fine, okay, well

1. Depi m sot lopital la mwen te fè yon ti miyò, men m poko fin yès nèt.
    Since I came from the hospital I've been a little better, but I'm not totally well yet.

2.  Fè atansyon ak dam sa a, tèt li pa fin yès non.
     Be careful with this girl, her head is not all there.

3.  Mwen menm ak bòs mwen ap travay sou yon kontra anplwaman.  Gen kèk pati nan kontra a ki poko fin yès. Nou espere jwenn yon antant nan de jou konsa.
     My employer and I are working on an employment contract.  Some parts of the contract are not yet conclusive.  We hope to reach an agreement in about a couple of days.

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