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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Men longè! Men lajè! Men gwosè! --- MEN means VERY or EXCESSIVELY in this case.

Men, here, translates very,  excessively, to a high degree, or to such a degree in English

Fi a t'ap fè chèlbè nan lari a, men lajè dada l!  Ni gason ni fanm te oblije kanpe pou gade l.
The woman was strutting her stuff in the streets, her butt was that wide!  Men and women taken by curiosity, stopped to stare at her.

Marlèn akouche yon ti bebe kenz liv.  Si w ta wè sa!  Men gwosè machwè li!
Marlene gave birth to a 15-pound baby.  You should have seen this!  His cheeks were that big!

Te gen plenn lin jou swa sa.  Lalin nan te men gwosè!  Tout lougawou, tout move je, tout zonbi te deyò.  
There was a full moon that night.  The moon was this big!  All werewolves, evil eyes, and zombies were out.

Fanm nan te ansent uit mwa.  Malgre sa li tonbe goumen ak mèt magazen an.  Men gwosè vant li.  Ou ta kouche atè pou w ri si w te wè sa.
The woman was eight months pregnant.  In spite of that she started to fight with the store owner.  Her belly was so big.  You would have rolled on the floor laughing if you had you seen it.

Lè m te tande nouvèl la, m te santi tèt mwen te men gwosè.
When I heard the news I felt my head was so big.

Je blan an te vèt.  Men longè bwa nen l. Tout moun nan vilaj t'ap gade l paske yo patko janm wè yon moun blan.
The white man's eyes were green.  The bridge of his nose was that long.  Everyone in the village was staring at him because they had never seen a white person yet.

Nèg la antre nan ofis la toutouni nèt.  Men longè grenn li. Li pa te wont menm.  Tout moun te panse l te fou.
The man came into the office butt naked.  His penis hanging all the way to the floor.  He had  no shame at all.  Everyone thought he was crazy.

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  1. I am constantly learning something new everyday. I have people say 'men' in this context but didn't know who make out meaning until now. Creole is truly colorful.

  2. Hi, Mandaly
    감사합니다(kamsa hamnida=mesi anpil)

    Can you translate the following, and thank you very much.

    "Any prvileges that you have are for you to share."

    1. Dakò :)

      "Any prvileges that you have are for you to share."
      "Nenpòt privilèj ou genyen se pou w pataje yo."

    2. 감사합니다
      (kamsa hamnida)
      from Tabarre

  3. Do you think it's related to the other meaning of "men" -- here, or look at -- like, "here's a big ass""?

    also, I don't understand this:

    "Ni gason ni fanm te oblije kanpe pou gade l."

    I thought "ni" meant "neither" -- but it seems to mean "both" in this case.


    1. Yes. Both homonyms of "men" seem to originate from the same French word: VOICI.
      But we shouldn't compare them as they mean totally different things and are used in different circumstances :)

      As far as "Ni ...Ni", it can be mean "NEITHER .... NOR" or "BOTH"


      Ni ou ni mwen nan ka.
      We are both in trouble.
      You and I are both in trouble.

      Ni papa m ni manman m malad.
      Both my mom and dad are ill.

      See the link for this post about NEITHER ... NOR → NI ....NI