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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Number of hours

èdtan (from French heures de temps)

1. inèdtan 
    one hour

2. dezèdtan
    two hours

3.  Mwen te travay pou douzèdtan ayè.
     I worked for twelve hours yesterday.

4.  Nou te jene pou vennkatrèdtan (vennkatèdtan).
     We fasted for twenty-four hours.

5. Dabitid yon fim dire inèdtan edmi.
    Usually a movie lasts one and a half hours.

6.  Nenpòt moun ki fè yon diskou ki dire plis pase demi èdtan pa gen konpasyon pou oditè l yo.
     Anyone that makes a speech longer than half an hour has no compassion for his audience.

7.  Mwen fatige paske m te dòmi yon kadè sèlman yèswa.
     I'm tired because I only slept for a quarter of an hour last night.

8.  Konbyen èdtan ou travay pa semèn?  Mwen travay karantèdtan pa semèn.
     How many hours you work per week?  I work forty hours per week.

9.  Pran medikaman an chak twazèdtan.
     Take the medicine every three hours.

10.  M te gen tranche pou trannsizèdtan anvan m akouche.
     I was in labor for thirty-six hours before giving birth.

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  1. I like sentence number seven. I just learned a new word, 'kadè' to mean a quarter of an hour. What about "I only slept a half of an hour last night." or "I only slept at three-forth of an hour."? What is a word for 'a half an hour'? What is a word for 'a three-fourth of an hour'?

    1. half an hourdemi èdtan
      three quarters of an hourtwaka èdtan