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Monday, February 25, 2013

Right and wrong? "The answer is right." "This is the wrong street." "My dad is always right." "He has the wrong exam sheet." what are the many ways to express 'right' and 'wrong' for people and things?

right (correct)  → kòrèk, bon, jis, gen rezon
right (morally good) → dwat, jistifye
wrong (not correct) → move, fo
wrong (immoral) → mal, mechan, enjis, pa bon

1. My dad is always right. (right - correct in opinion)
    Papa m toujou gen rezon.

2. The answer is right. (right - correct)
     Repons lan kòrèk.

3. This is not right (right - fair, just)
    Sa pa jis.

4. You've dialed a wrong number. 
    Ou konpoze move nimewo.

5.  The pharmacy gave me the wrong medication.
     Fanmasi a ban m yon move medikaman.

6.  What you did was wrong.
      Sa ou fè a te pa't bon.
      Sa ou fè a pa't bon.

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  1. Whoa whoa whoa... speaking of tense:

    "Sa ou fè a te pa't bon."

    or rather

    "Sa you fè a te pa te bon." ? Two "te"s sandwiching a "pa"?

    1. oops:) That's an error!
      How about taking off the first "te" entirely? That'll make it better.

      Thanks for noticing :)

    2. Phew... my mind was blown, and just when I thought I was coming to understand Creole tenses :)

    3. Yeah :) I should know better than to post without proofreading. Se gwo tèt chaje!