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Monday, February 11, 2013

Too bad!? "You can't come to the party? Too bad!" or "You missed the final exam? Too bad! Better go ask the professor to make it up." or "It is too bad that the university decided to close the bookstore last year. "

Too bad!
Se domaj! (What a pity!)
Se malere!
Devenn pou ... (Unfortunately for ...)
Adye papa!
Adye manman!
Adye frè m!
Adye sè m!

Devennliterally: misfortune, bad luck
andevenn (an devenn) → to be cursed, to have a string of bad luck
Adyeliterally: Alas!

1. You missed the final exam? Too bad!
     Ou rate egzamen final la?  Se domaj!

2. He just finished building his house and he died soon after.  It's too bad he didn't get enjoy it.
    Li fèk fin bati kay li enpi li mouri tousuit apre.  Se malere, li pa't gentan jwi li.

3.  He had a motorcycle accident.  Too bad he didn't wear his helmet that day.
     Li fè aksidan ak motosiklèt li. Devenn pou li, li p'at mete kas li jou sa a.

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