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Thursday, February 14, 2013

What are the names for first-born child, middle-born child, and last-born child in creole?

It seems that you are asking for a typical name that Haitians would give the first-born or last child and such, right?

I guess sometimes, someone may want to name their child after unusual circumstances surrounding their birth: difficult pregnancy, difficult labor, the child being born on a special holiday /day, etc...  Doesn't this sort of thing occur everywhere in the world?

As far as what some of these Haitian names might be, these names are as exceptional as the circumstances which inspired them: I have met some people with "unusual" names like "Setout", "Fokseli", etc ..... See other unusual Haitian names at this link.  I'm pretty sure, in Haiti, there aren't specific names that one  should call their children based on their birth order.  

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