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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Can you explain further 'vin' and 'fin' as helping verbs? For example in these sentence: "Mo a vin sibi yon transfòmasyon." oubyen "Mo a fin sibi yon transfòmasyon." Mesi

fin ( contraction for fini) indicates the completion of an action → to be done

1. Mwen fin manje.
    I am done eating.
2. Tout pitit nou yo fin gran.  Li lè pou nou panse a nou.
     All our children are done growing. ...
     All the children have reached a mature age.....
     All our children are grown.  It's time we think about us.

3.  Ou fin joure byen joure, enpi ou panse m'ap rete avè w?  Ou dwe fou!
      You're done cursing me as well as one could, and you think I'm going to stay with you? You must be crazy!
      After cursing me out, you think I'm going to stay with you.  You must be crazy!

4. Nou fin gade fim nan deja.  Poukisa se kounye a w'ap pote popcorn?
    We have already finished watching the movie.  Why are you bringing popcorn now?

Sometimes fin can translate practically, virtually, nearly.

5.  M te tèlman malad, m te fin mouri.  mMen lanmou li te resisite m.
     I was so sick, I was virtually dead. But his love brought me back.

6.  Kay la te fin tonbe sou nou, men grasadye nou te soti sennesof.
      The house practically collapsed on us, but thank God we got out safely.

7. Kontinye ale. Ou fin rive deja.  Pa lage.
     Keep going.  You're practically there already.  Don't give up.
8.  Li te fin ouvè bouch li pou l pale, men avoka a te fè l yon siy pou l pa't di anyen.
     He had already opened his mouth to speak, but his lawyer motioned to not say anything.

9.  Mwen te fin desann machin nan pou m antre kay menaj mwen.  Men lè papa li te soti ak yon revòlvè, mwen te take pòt machin nan e m te peze gaz.
     I was practically out of the car to get into my girlfriend's house.  But when her fathercame out with a gun, I locked the car's doors and sped off.

vin (contraction for vini to come) → to come, to become, to end up

"vin" can be used in place of "vini"
10. Mwen vin lakay ou.
      Mwen vini lakay ou.
      I come to your house.

11. Vin jwenn mwen.
       Vini jwenn mwen.
       Come to me.

12.  Vin jwenn Jezi.
       Come to Jesus

13. Mezami!  Ou vin wo!
      Wow! You've become tall!

14. Si w te wè sa, figi l vin wouj tèlman te fache.
      You should have seen this.  His face became red he was so mad.

And sometimes vin will translate, to come to, to end up, to arrive at a conclusion/understanding because of another action.

15. Mwen vin konprann ke li pa't renmen m ankò.
      I came to understand that he didn't like me any more

16. Nou vin reyalize tout sa li t'ap di yo se te manti.
       We came to realize that everything he said was a lie.

17. Mo a vin sibi yon transfòmasyon.  Sibi to suffer, to undergo, to go through
      The word wound up undergoing a transformation.

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