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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What words for 'to promote' and 'to demote'. "His boss promoted him to vice-president for many years of diligence and expertise." and "His boss demoted him to secretary position for missing work to many times but had experience."

To promote (to promote a product) → fè reklam
to promote (to raise rank) transitive verb → bay pwomosyon, grade, bay grad
to be promoted (intr. v.) → pran grad, resevwa yon pwomosyon
to demote → degrade, detwone, rekile, deklase

1. I got promoted at work.
    Yo ban m yon pwomosyon nan travay la.

2. "His boss demoted him to secretary position for missing work too many times."
     "Bòs li a rekile pozisyon li.  Li fè l vin sekretè paske li vin travay anreta twòp."
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  1. What about 'to be demoted'?

    1. I think that'll become a "passing voice" when you try to say this in Creole.
      So, you'll turn it into an "active voice" and say "yo".

      I got demoted.
      Yo te rekile'm dèyè.
      Yo te degrade m.