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Friday, March 29, 2013

wiiiiii, finally I can post my question isit la...wiiiiiiiiiiii Fatherland or death, we will win!!!!!!!! This was famous exclamation of many revolutionaries, including Thomas Sankara. What would be the most suitable expression on kreyol...

O o!   You sound very excited.  I'm glad you're so happy :)

I think I'll say it in Creole as:
Lapatri ou lanmò!
Fatherland or death!

Thomas Sankara is right up there with Toussaint Louverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines and Capois Lamort.  Burkina benefitted a lot from his programs.  He's even more of a champion because he CHOSE to die for what he believed in rather than taking his country back to the old ways.  That's a true hero :)

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  1. hey, what about we will win!!! lol..I posted that question beacuse of this phrase don't know how to translate word win..gen wiktwa somehow don't fit into it
    Hey again, I am very pleased to see that you admire Capois Lamort...We share same view...
    gwo kout chapo, bel made my day....wiiii..mesi anpil, bel fi ayisyen

    1. Dakò:)

      For We will win!
      I like Nou va venkè! (We will be victorious!)