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Monday, March 25, 2013

You might already have this son your blog, but I can't find it. What is 'moun pa"?

Moun pa → favoritism, preference, partisanship, also friend, buddy

1.  Ou ta byen sezi pou w konnen ke menm nan legliz gen moun pa.
     You'd be surprised to know that even in church there's favoritism.

2.  Nan syèl la p'ap gen zafè moun pa.  Tout moun va egal ego.
     In heaven there won't be any bias.  Everyone will be equal.

3. Mwen pa nan moun pa.
    I am not playing favorite.
    I am unbiased.

4.  "Menm nan lanfè gen moun pa." (expression)
     "Even in hell there's preferential treatment."


5. Kite l antre.  Li se moun pa m.
   Let him in. He's a friend. (someone I know well).

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