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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

( Can you please introduce one popular chlidren's song - meaning that "I can do" or "we can do" ? With audio , (kamsa hamnida)

These exact words in a popular children songs in Haiti are going to be hard to find.
Does it matter whether the song says KAPAB or PA KAPAB?
Most of these songs say BONDYE KAPAB or NOU PA KAPAB :)
Here's a couple with the word KAPAB in their chorus.
There's this Creole chorus song #1 Kè Kreyòl in the Chan Déspérance
Wi, mwen kapab kwè,
wi, mwen vle kwè Jezi Kri te mouri pou mwen
Se sou lakwa san li vèse
Pou delivre'm nan peche

sung to the tune of :
I do believe, I will believe
That Jesus died for me
That on the cross He shed His blood
From sin to set me free.

And then there's the chorus of one song that goes: (#4 Creole section of Melodies Joyeuses)
Se Bondye ki kapab delivre
Se li sèl ki toujou delivre
Tout fado peche, sou li depoze
paske Bondye nou
Kap bay la delivrans

That's the English hymn tune: "He is able to deliver thee"
"He is able to deliver thee
He is able to deliver thee
Though by sin opressed, go to Him for rest
Our God is able to deliver thee."

There's a children song that says the opposite though.  It goes NOU PA KAPAB instead  NOU KAPAB (#48 Creole section of Melodies Joyeuses)
It says:
Ou pa kapab ale nan syèl la
Si w'ap sèvi Satan isiba
Se pou w vin jwenn ak Jezi
Se pou w vin jwenn ak Jezi Kri

To the tune You can't go to heaven)
Haitian churches do sing it a little different  then the "Oh you can't get to heaven on roller skates..."

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  1. Can you add audio , so I can learn how to sing ?
    (kamsa hamnida)