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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Does the Haitian Creole term "dèyè do" mean "secretly" as in English (behind one's back) in the sentence "Li mouri dèyè do Bondye"?

dèyè do (behind the back) can translate secretly (in a sneaky way),  in one's absence, in the back of
In this sentence it means in one's absence
This sentence is also an expression.

Li mouri dèyè do Bondye.
He died in God's absence (while God was away)
Other ways to say this is:
If God was around he would not have died.
God was probably out doing an errand when he died.

Taking a closer look at the uses for the term "dèyè do"

dèyè do (nan do) → in the back of

1. dèyè do kay la
    behind the house

2. Gen yon ti pye zoranj dèyè do kay la.
    Gen yon ti pye zoranj dèyè kay la.
    Gen yon ti pye zoranj nan do kay la.
    There's a small orange tree behind the house.

Dèyè do → behind one's back

3.  Si w bezwen di m yon bagay, pa di l dèyè do m.
     If you need to tell me something don't say it behind my back.

4.  Se dèyè do'm sèlman li ka fè tout frekan sa yo.
     Only behind my back can he do all this insolence.

Dèyè do - in someone's absence

5. Li mouri dèyè do papa l.
    He died while his dad was away.

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