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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi, what does "lefetke" mean?

lefètke (lefèke) → the fact that, because

1. Lefètke mwen wo pa vle di mwen konn kouri.
    The fact that I am tall does not mean that I know how to run.

2. Mwen kontan lefètke ou deside rete avèk nou.
    I am glad because you decided to stay with us.

3. Lefètke li rich, li panse li se Bondye.
    The fact that he's rich, he thinks he's God.

4. Lefètke fanm nan ri avè w pa vle di li damou pou ou.
    The fact that the woman smiled at you doesn't mean she's in love with you.
5. Lefèkte m pòv pa vle di m malere.
    Just because I'm poor doesn't mean I'm miserable.

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